North Country Sky

Public Charters, dba North Country Sky

Headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, our unique business model uses chartered aircraft to serve routes that are under served by major airline scheduled service.  While adding convenience to the traveling public, we have been able to keep our pricing models competitive with traditional main line schedules and fares.  Our goal is to create a convenient and pleasurable travel experience for each customer.

As a fully licensed and bonded Indirect Air Carrier with the US Department of Transportation, purchasing your air transportation with us adds a heightened level of security for you.  DOT Regulations require that all passengers’ money is kept in escrow until they have completed their flight.  Backed by a security bond held with the DOT, travelers can feel at ease that their money is safe.

As an Indirect Air Carrier working with Charter Inventory; we can establish routes and schedules practically on demand, fulfilling ever changing Market demand.

Flights operate on chartered aircraft ranging from the classic Boeing 737 to the more fuel efficient turbo prop aircraft.

Corporate Flight Management

These flights are operated by Corporate Flight Management (CFM). In the airline industry today almost all regional flights to and from small airports are not operated by the airline that sells you the ticket, but are operated by a regional carrier. North Country Sky has contracted Corporate Flight Management to operate the flights between Manistee and Midway.  Corporate Flight Management operates over 30 aircraft, both turbo-prop and jet aircraft.