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Non-Stop Scheduled Airline Service between Manistee (MBL) and Chicago Midway (MDW)

Book your flight between Chicago and Northern Michigan for fares under $300 round-trip! Looking to connect?  Search for your North Country Sky fare and connect on great airlines like:

Midway offers over 60 NON-STOP destinations throughout the country, so getting to or from Northern Michigan has never been more accessible.

Even though we do not have an interline baggage agreement or codeshare with major carriers, we have outlined a simple set of steps when connecting.  Here is a brief overview of how to easily connect and the steps necessary.

We understand that connecting through Chicago Midway on the way to your final destination can be somewhat confusing.  Here we are outlining a few key tips to help make your process a little easier.

1) Travel with just carry-on luggage?
If you can travel with just carry-on luggage, when you arrive in Chicago Midway, you can just proceed DIRECTLY to your connection flight.  DO NOT leave the secure terminal area.  You can print your boarding pass with your connecting flight gate agent.

2) Give yourself at least 2 hours between connecting flights if you have checked luggage.
If you are flying with checked luggage, when you arrive in Chicago Midway, you will need to: 

– Leave the secure Terminal Area and proceed to Baggage Claim
– Proceed to ticketing for your connecting airline
– Proceed through TSA security and on to your boarding gate.

3) If you have not considered connecting through Midway, Southwest Airlines is the primary air carrier serving the airport.
Southwest Airlines is the primary air carrier that fly’s into Chicago Midway.  There are over 60 non-stop destinations serviced from Chicago Midway via Southwest Airlines and many offer great connections for travelers looking to travel to, or visit Northern Michigan.  Check out their fares now at: