Private Charters – General Aviation

charters-headerimageThe Manistee Airports, general aviation company, Orchard Beach Aviation offers on-demand charter flights for your convenience.  Fly where you want, when you want without the delays, and hassles associated with airline travel.  Avoid the time required to check in at the ticket counter, passing through security, and the waits at the baggage claim.

Our goal is to work on your schedule to make your travels as easy as possible.  Show up 10 minutes prior to departure, not two hours.  Relax and let us help you with your travel arrangements if needed.  There are thousands of airports not serviced by air carriers and we will find the closest airport to your destination.

Private charters are an overlooked form of transportation and can often be a more affordable way to travel.  Flights are charged by the distance and not by the seat, so family travel and business flights can be much more cost effective than purchasing multiple tickets.  A business trip can be completed in hours, rather than days spent in a car or airport terminal waiting on connections.

We are a licensed on-demand FAR 135 air carrier and safety is our utmost priority.  Our aircraft is meticulously maintained by federal regulations and our flight crew undergoes semiannual flights with the Federal Aviation Administration to maintain currency and proficiency.

If we are unable to fly due to scheduling conflicts, or if a larger and/or faster aircraft (Cabin class twin, turboprops or jets) is needed, we will do the work for you to locate the right aircraft/operator for you.

Call or email for questions, inquiries, or charter quotes.