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Cape air is committed to handling all baggage with the utmost care. During the normal rigors of air travel your luggage will be transported on conveyor belts and travel on baggage carts and may encounter weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind or sun light. In addition your luggage will move and shift during take off, flight and landing.

Baggage will be accepted for transportation from ticketed customers only. Cape Air will not accept baggage whose size, weight or character makes it unsuitable for transportation on the aircraft, or when the property cannot be accommodated without harming or annoying passengers, as determined by the Company. All baggage is subject to inspection.Government safety and security regulations apply to Cape Air’s carriage of baggage.

Baggage Fees*

For travel exclusively on Cape Air marketed flights: – click here for complete details on Baggage Fees – Please note, for Manistee/Chicago Flights, Cape air is flying the Tecnam Traveller
All bags below must meet the size and weight restrictions noted in the section entitled Bag Allowance. The below charges apply each way and are cumulative.

When Cape Air is the First Carrier in the Itinerary
(for codeshare itineraries, major airline partner fees apply)

  • Carry-on or Personal Item – FREE
  • Gate Checked Bag – FREE
  • 1st Checked Bag – FREE (up to 50lbs) – over 50lbs (up to $80) – see schedule here
  • 2nd Checked Bag – 0-50lbs: $40 — 51-70lbs (up to $80) – see schedule here
  • 3rd Checked Bag- 0-50lbs: $80 — 51-70lbs (up to $80) – see schedule here

To calculate baggage fees for itineraries including Cape Air and other carrier flights, please click here. When inputting information, use 9K as the Cape Air two character airline code.

*Exempt from ALL Cape Air bag fees applies for travel between these Cape Air cities, and for connections beyond these cities (online and interline):

  • Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard or retired military personel holding a Veteran’s ID Card, including dependents and retireees with a valid Military or Dependent ID.
  • When a partner airline is the first carrier in the itinerary, the partner’s military bag fee exemptions apply.

Baggage Allowance

Standard allowance:

For each ticketed customer, Cape Air will transport:

“1 + 1 + 1” General Rule. 1 Checked bag not to exceed 50 lbs. or 62 linear inches (length + width + height = 62”) plus 1 Gate-Checked bag sufficiently small and lightweight to be cleared through airport security screening not to exceed 45 linear inches (length + width + height = 45”) plus 1 Personal Item (e.g. small purse, briefcase, electronic device) not to exceed 36 linear inches (length + width + height = 36”).

Most Cape Air aircraft do not contain storage space under the seat or overhead in which to safely stow in-cabin items. Accordingly, most Personal Items must be carried to the aircraft by the Customer and stowed by a Cape Air agent into the designated baggage compartments prior to boarding.

For travel in the Tecnam Traveller, Personal Items which do not exceed 12” x 6” x 8” in size may be carried on board and stowed under the seat in front of the Customer. Please note: not all seats in this aircraft allow for under-seat stowage. Personal Items in excess of these dimensions but meeting the 36 linear inch requirement in the General Rule may not be carried on board the aircraft but shall be accepted by Cape Air and stowed by a Cape Air agent into the designated baggage compartment prior to boarding.

Additional FREE baggage items:

In addition to the standard allowance, the following will be transported free of charge:

Child and Infant Baggage Allowance

A child’s baggage allowance is the same as that for an adult passenger.  A child traveling as an “infant” as defined by the fares and tariffs is not allocated baggage allowance in addition to that allocated to the accompanying adult passenger.

Overweight/Oversized Bags

See Cape Air website for complete details and rules associated with oversized bagsPlease note, the Manistee/Chicago route will utilize the Tecnam Traveller aircraft.

Baggage details are subject to change without notice – see Cape Air Baggage policies for any changes.

Connecting Airlines

Please note, if you are connecting on a partner airline, baggage fees may apply depending on ticket type. see Cape Air Baggage policies for any changes.


See Cape Air website for details on liability, delayed bag and other information.

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